Forensic Investigations

The Forensic Crime Unit is under the supervision of Sergeant Martin Krpan.   The unit consists of 3 investigators, 1 crime scene technician, 2 latent print examiners, and 1 photo technician.

Investigators respond to major crime scenes to photograph, video tape, collect evidence, and process the scene for latent fingerprints.  Further investigation of the evidence may be conducted at the Forensic Crime Unit Lab.  Additional methods to develop latents from evidence collected from the scene are normally conducted at that time.  When necessary evidence is sent to the Florida Department of Law Enforrcement's lab in Jacksonville, Florida, for additional examination.

The Forensic Crime Unit is equipped with the latest tools and equipment.  These tools include an E-FIT (Electronic Facial Identification Technique) system and an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).  AFIS is used to search the state's data bank in order to identify a suspect using latent fingerprints. The unit recently upgraded the E-FIT software and recently purchased an AFIX Tracker which can compare latent palm prints to known offenders prints, and a RUVIS Krimesite Imager which uses ultraviolet light to find prints that may not otherwise be detected.

The unit has a modern, fully equipped photo lab which has the capability of printing images from digital cameras.

Each forensic crime unit investigator is assigned a fully-equipped crime scene vehicle. These vehicles contain all of the equipment necessary to assist them in processing most crime scenes they may be sent to handle. The equipment on board includes: photo equipment, video taping equipment, latent fingerprinting equipment, tire track and shoe track casting equipment, a power generator with extra lighting, ladders, tools, and miscellaneous other items.

Having mobile crime scene processing equipment enables investigators to do a more thorough job at the crime scene, collecting and preserving evidence, and to process scenes with challenging problems.

Forensic Crime Unit personnel work in conjunction with the Department's Criminal Investigations Division (CID) detectives to prepare evidence which may be needed for the prosecution of cases by the State Attorney's Office.