Officer Derek Tirado

Officer of the Month, Derek Tirado

Officer Derek Tirado has been selected as Officer of the Month for December 2015!

Ofc. Tirado has exemplified hard work and tenacity during the month of December.  He has been a team player, assisting other members of SOU and patrol on investigations, worked tirelessly on investigations, and even caught a conveyance burglar in progress. Ofc. Tirado’s commitment to excellence and hard work has been a true asset to the department.  In addition Ofc. Tirado is dependable and can be counted on to conduct thorough follow ups, respond to call outs and leave no stone unturned.  These are just a few examples of the proficient and excellent work Ofc. Tirado has done for the month of December:

While working the SOU covert detail focusing on Whiskey and Juliet conveyance burglaries, Det. Tirado spotted a suspicious person loitering in Ventura Apartments.  As Det. Tirado drove by, the suspect whistled in a strange manner and a second subject walked out from near one of the buildings.  The pair were watched then contacted at the Alamar Kangaroo.  One of the subjects was identified and found to be on Juvenile Probation with a curfew of 1900 hours.  At the time of the contact it was 2116 hours.  The ID’d subject was detained and brought home.  Prior to transport he consented to a search where Det. Tirado located a phone.   The owner of the phone was found to be the victim of a conveyance burglary that had just occurred at the above location.  The subject’s mother consented to a search of his room where Det. Tirado recovered four cell phones, jewelry and a small speaker were found that were linked to other conveyance burglaries.  Post Miranda the subject admitted to the burglary and stated he has been committing numerous conveyance burglaries for the past three months.  He was linked and charged with four other conveyance burglaries, one of which had yet to be reported, as a result of Det. Tirado’s follow up.

The victim arrived home and found that his residence was burglarized.  Items taken included numerous pieces of jewelry, Ipad, laptop computer and a Kindle.  A Gatorade bottle was found in the residence, apparently left behind by the suspect(s). Ofc. J Alford lifted a print from the bottle which came back with a hit. After a two day hunt for the subject in the Cedar Ridge area, Det. Tirado made contact with him at Buccholz HS. The subject voluntarily came back to the station to be interviewed.  Det. Tirado interviewed him and he eventually confessed to the burglary and also named a second person as being involved. The subject then led Det. Tirado, Montague and Owens to a residence in the county where some of the property was recovered.  The subject stated that all of the jewelry was discarded.  This investigation led to additional cases in the county being linked to the subject and his accomplice who were subsequently charged by the ACSO.  This also resulted in an SW being executed in the county.

Victims’ apartment was burglarized and entry was made via an unlocked back door. Once inside, the suspect(s) proceeded to steal several prescription medications, a Sony Vaio laptop and two baseball caps (Yankees and Red Sox)— ASO arrested two subjects for a trespass.  During the interview with ASO, the two implicated themselves in having committed burglaries in Cabana Beach and The Pavillion Apts. At that time, SOU was unable to determine which burglaries the two committed. Det. Tirado began follow-up and was able to link the two to this above burglary based upon the description by the two brothers of the baseball caps that were stolen. Subject 1 came down to the station and confessed to the burglary along with a burglary in Cabana Beach. 

Victim reported interrupting a conveyance burglary where the suspect fled stealing a travel bag containing numerous items, including clothing, fossils, fool’s gold, sharks teeth, etc… The suspect was described as a W/M, 6’, and was last seen walking into the breezeway of building #27.  Det. Tirado conducted a canvass and spoke with management on a possible suspect who may live in building #27.  Det. Tirado investigated and discovered a possible suspect.  The subject has been an SOU suspect in the past and was a recently involved in a narcotics related search warrant executed by SOU.  The subject was placed in a photo lineup and the victim positively identified him as the person he saw rummaging through his vehicle.  Det. Tirado obtained a search warrant for the subject’s apartment.  The search warrant resulted in the recovery all of the victim’s belonging, 23.2 grams of cannabis and a digital scale with cannabis residue.  Subject was ultimately arrested.