Traffic Unit

The GPD Traffic Unit riding in the UF Homecoming Parade

The main objective of the Traffic Unit is the reduction of traffic related injuries and fatalities.  This is accomplished through proactive enforcement efforts, coordination with city traffic engineering and via community education programs designed to create a higher awareness of traffic safety.

A GPD Traffic Unit Officer writing a citationThe Traffic Unit strives daily to make Gainesville’s roadways safe. They routinely analyze traffic crash data and review citizen complaints. Once an area of concern involving moving traffic violations has been identified, officers aggressively and proactively address those violations especially those that contribute to traffic crashes or, which may result in damage and/or injuries to our citizenry.

Eight member staff the Motorcycle Unit within the Traffic Unit.  The motorcycle fleet is comprised of Harley Davidson Police Road Kings equipped with Air-cooled, Twin Cam 103 cubic inch (1688.87cc) engines. Motorcycle Officers operate within the Traffic Unit, as a City-wide function. Motorcycles have increased visibility, accessibility, greater mobility, and ideal for traffic enforcement and special escorts.

The Gainesville Police Department also has an impaired driving enforcement specialist (DUI specialist). This officer is assigned to our nighttime shift to detect and arrest individuals who are driving impaired and putting our community at risk.  This officer is also one of just a few DRE officers (Drug Recognition Expert) in the region.  As a DRE this officer can recognize many different types of controlled substances a driver may be under the influence of and testify as an expert in a court setting.  

In 2011 this officer arrested over 100 people driving under the influence of alcohol and will be recognized across the state by MADD (Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers). The Traffic Unit is also responsible for the investigation of any traffic homicides that may occur within the city limits. Officers investigating scenes where serious injury or death occurs, use the latest in laser technology and computer equipment to investigate and document the scene of the incident for later reference. 

In 2008, GPD’s Traffic Safety Team received a Silver medal in the Florida Law Enforcement Challenge Award Motor Unit Challenge in the 6-10 motorcycle category of the annual Florida Law Enforcement Challenge., second only to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Lieutenant Summer Kerkau
Phone: (352) 393-7744

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