Negotiations Response Team

The GPD Negotiations Response Team (NRT) consists of fifteen sworn personnel. The team members participate in scenario-based “hands-on” training throughout the year. 

 Negotiations Response Team members are specially trained in interpersonal communication and negotiation tactics. The Gainesville Police Department’s Negotiations Response Team assists the other specialized teams of the agency such as the Special Weapons and Tactics team (SWAT) or the Advanced Law Enforcement Rifle Team (ALERT) when dealing with high-risk situations involving armed or un-armed subject(s). The Gainesville Police Department’s Negotiation Response Team also responds to assist members of our community when they are in times of crisis. 

 The Negotiations Response Team responds to potentially dangerous barricaded subjects. NRT works with SWAT to ensure the public remains safe while NRT negotiates with armed barricaded persons. The Gainesville Police Department’s Negotiations Response Team focuses on scenario-based training involving joint exercises with the Alachua County Sheriff's Office Negotiations Response Team. This inter-agency training involves hostage rescues and persons-in-crisis scenarios.