Home Safety Information

If you are concerned about residential burglaries in your neighborhood, you do not have to feel powerless to change the situation.  Most residential burglars look for crimes of opportunity.  They pick what appears to be an easy mark.  There are many steps that you can take to keep your home and your neighborhood safe.  The most important step is for you and your neighbors to work together. 

What can you do?

·         Never allow people you do not know into your home, such as a door-to-door sales person, a person asking to use the phone or looking for a supposed neighbor.  

·         Always keep your doors and windows locked day and night.  

·         Never leave your garage door open.  

·         Don't have your valuables visible through windows.  

·         Keep ladders locked in the garage.  Burglars can use them for access to otherwise inaccessible second story windows.  

·         Don't forget when going on vacation to hold or to have someone pick up your mail/newspapers.  

·         Don't hide a key outside for visiting friends and relatives.  

·         Don't advertise new gifts or purchases.  Break up the cartons before leaving them at the curb.  

·         Call the police immediately when you see suspicious persons or activities  

·         Get to know the police officers in your area.  

·         If you live in an apartment complex let management know of any problems in the community.   

Start or join a Neighborhood Watch Program.  For more information how to start a Neighborhood Watch in your area contact our Crime Prevention Unit at 352-393-7750.