Personal Safety

Your personal safety does not have to be left up to chance. Though you cannot eliminate all possibility of becoming a victim, there are steps you can take to reduce the odds. An attacker looks for essentially three things when picking a victim: 

·         Vulnerability

·       Accessibility

·       Availability 

Practicing the following personal safety tips as you go about your daily activities may make you less attractive to a would be criminal. 

·      BE ALERT!!  Know who is near you and what activities going on around you.

·      Walk with authority, look ahead and scan your surroundings

·      Do not walk in poorly lit areas.

·      Avoid standing at a bus stop alone, especially at night.

·      If approached by someone in a car, change your direction and enter a crowded store or business.

·      Carry a cell phone and some type of safety device (i.e.: flashlight, whistle, pepper spray and etc.) when walking at night.

·      Be alert to someone who asks for directions and/or continues to engage you in conversation.

·      Obey all of the robber's orders.  Keep all communication with the robber short and simple.  Don't argue!

·       Be identification conscious.  Observe your attacker's personal appearance, type of weapon used, and type of vehicle so you can accurately describe them to police.

Immediately report the incident to the police and do not hang up until the police arrive.