Incident / Traffic Crash Report

What is an Incident/Traffic Crash Report?
A crash report is any report written by an officer or PST involving one or more motor vehicles involved in a traffic crash.  Whenever a police officer or PST requests a case report number from Communications, and it does not concern a motor vehicle crash, then an incident report is created. 

What is the cost of Incident Reports?
The first ten pages of reports are free, and (15) cents per additional page over ten.  In the event extensive use of information technology resources, or extensive clerical or supervisory assistance is required in responding to a public request, special service fees will also be applied per F.S.119.07 (1)b.

What is the cost of Traffic Crash Reports?
The first ten pages of reports are free, and (15) cents per additional page over ten.  

What is the cost of Traffic Homicide Reports?
A flat fee of $10.00 is assessed, however postage is additional if the report is to be mailed.

How do I get a copy of a police report?

Some limited records are available online by visiting Police2Citizen (P2C) by clicking here.

Police Reports may be obtained by telephone, online or in person.  To order by telephone, call (352) 393-7565.  To order online, click here for an Incident Report or here for a Traffic Crash Report, complete and submit the form.  If necessary, the Records Section will contact you regarding the charge and mailing instructions.

To order in person, go to Gainesville Police Department, located at 413 NW 8th Avenue, Gainesville, Florida 32601.  Most records requests will be completed within seventy two hours of receiving the request.  Please call (352) 393-7565 to confirm report is ready for pickup.  The Gainesville Police Department will only release information relating to incidents which occur within the city limits of Gainesville.

Note:  The first ten pages of reports are free, and (15) cents per additional page over ten.   Special service fees will apply when the preparation time for locating requested record, deletion of exempt information, and the copying and refilling of requested records exceed 30 minutes.  The charge for special service fees will be based on the salary of personnel providing the service.  In cases where legal review of a public request is required, the lowest attorney rate, including salary and benefits, will be charged.  The information released is based on departmental/public records guidelines per F.S.119.07 (1)b

Can I obtain a report when a juvenile is involved?
Any cases prior to October 1, 1994 involving juvenile defendants are available by court order upon a showing of good cause. Any cases which occurred after October 1, 1994 are available for disclosure if the defendant has committed a felony or has been convicted of three misdemeanor offenses.  All victim information would be excised from the report. 

What records are exempt from disclosure?
This is a complicated and ever changing area of the law.  Florida State Statute 119.07 provides for several exemptions.  Some general categories of exemptions include:

  1. Investigative information on open criminal investigations.
  2. Criminal intelligence.
  3. Any information including photographs, name, address, or other facts or information which reveal the identity of the victim of the crimes of sexual battery, lewd, lascivious, or indecent assault upon or in the presence of a child, child abuse, or any sexual offense.
  4. Juvenile crime victim information.  

For additional exemptions, you may refer to Florida State Statute Chapter 119.07.

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