Special Events Permit Information

A special event is any event which, due to its expected crowd size or nature, cannot be adequately handled by the normal compliment of officers assigned to routine patrol duties.  

If you are planning to host a "special event" inside the Gainesville city limits, the Gainesville Police Department may be able assist you with security, traffic and crowd control, and any other law enforcement functions that are necessary. Persons hosting special events may contract with the City of Gainesville for the services of one or more Officers and/or Police Service Technicians (PSTs). 

Police Service Technicians are not sworn law enforcement officers, and therefore are only permitted to perform traffic control and other non-confrontational types of duties during the event.  Special event permit applications are subject to review by the Gainesville Police Department, Gainesville Fire Rescue, the City of Gainesville, Solid Waste and Traffic Engineering before being granted. 

Officers and PSTs are not assigned to special events in plainclothes or in an"undercover" capacity.  Law enforcement personnel are also not permitted to work at an establishment where the primary function is to sell alcohol. 

Law enforcement personnel working approved special events are employees of the City of Gainesville and they are insured by the City while working.  Officers and PST's working special events are not paid by, nor do they become employees of, the  person(s) sponsoring the event.  Law enforcement personnel may be contracted for a minimum of three hours.  There is no maximum time limit, since an assignment may be split by several employees.  

The contract amount for the services of an officer as of January 1, 2009 is $53.50/hour.   The contract amount for a Police Service Technician as of February 1, 2014 is $40.70/hour. 
(These amounts are subject to change at any time.)


Special event duty assignments are performed by personnel on a voluntary basis.  Not every assignment that is requested and approved is always completely staffed.  The City of Gainesville and the Gainesville Police Department reserve the right to cancel the assignment at any time.  

Law enforcement personnel are considered on-duty while working special events and therefore they are required to handle any police-related incident which they observe or become aware of, whether or not the incident is related to the special event. 

If you are hosting a special event and would like to contract with the City for the services of an officer or PST, please contact: 

Gainesville Police Department Special Events Coordinator
Monday through Friday (Except Holidays) 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Phone: (352) 393-7527
Email by clicking here


Event Permit Forms
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