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Follow these prevention tips to use public transportation as safely as possible: 

  • Visit the RTS website for bus routes and schedules
  • Use well-lighted, busy stops
  • If you must get off at a little-used stop, try to arrange for a friend or another adult to meet you - Stay alert!
  • Don’t doze or daydream on the bus
  • Say, “leave me alone” loudly is someone hassles you
  • Watch who gets off your stop with you
  • If you feel uneasy, walk directly to a place where there are other people  

Follow these tips to make your car travel as safe as possible: 

  • Make sure your car is in good running condition and that you have enough gas to get where you are going
  • Turn the ignition off and take your car keys with you, even if you just have to run inside for one minute
  • Roll up the windows and lock car doors, even if you’re coming right back
  • Check inside and out before getting in your car 
  • Drive to the nearest gas station, open business, or other well-lighted, crowded area to get help if you think you are being followed
  • Use your cellular phone, if you have one, to call the police if you are being followed or you’ve seen an accident
  • Unless it is an emergency, stay off your cellular phone while you are driving
  • Don’t pick up hitchhikers
Moped Safety

(Click here to download a moped safety brochure)

Vehicle Burglary Prevention

The Gainesville Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit launched a public education and crime prevention program, “Lock It or Lose it”, to remind citizens that many vehicle burglaries can be prevented by simply locking vehicle doors and not leaving items of value in plain view.
A 2008 study of vehicle burglaries in Gainesville showed that 60% of all vehicle burglaries involved unlocked or unsecured vehicles with valuables left in plain view. In 2009 that number rose to 66%.
Many of these burglaries, and the resulting losses to the victims, can be prevented with some simple actions on the part of all of us.
Here are a few crime prevention tips to help keep you from becoming the victim of a vehicle burglary:
  • Lock all of your doors and secure every window when leaving the vehicle unattended. 
  • Be sure to always remove the keys from your vehicle. 
  • Never leave your vehicle running while unattended. Not only could the vehicle be easily stolen, this is also a violation of the law (F.S.S 316.1975). 
  • Do not leave a spare key with the vehicle. 
  • Remove any valuable items that may be enticing to offenders.
  • Do not leave personal identification or credit cards in your vehicle.
  • Photocopy your vehicle registration and insurance information and keep the information in your wallet. You do not want strangers having access to your personal information.
  • Utilize a vehicle alarm or wheel locking device when possible. Make this device highly visible and difficult to defeat.
  • Park in a garage or well lit and heavily traveled area when possible.
  • Be very cautious when entering and exiting your vehicle. Always be aware of your surroundings and report suspicious activity to the police immediately.

Bicycle Theft Prevention

  • Keep a record of the serial number. Without this number, the police will not be able to track your individual bicycle. Register your bike with campus police if you are a student.
  • Place a personal identifier near the serial number. This can be a unique sticker or symbol that will distinguish your bike from similar models.
  • Always lock your bicycle to a rack or another secure object whenever you must leave it unattended. 
  • When possible, store the bicycle inside your residence overnight or when you will be gone for long periods of time. 
  • Park in well lit areas with a lot of people when possible.