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gainesville police department headquarters

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Project Info

In 2010, after lengthy planning to renovate the 721 NW 6th Street Police Building the decision was made to move the remaining Department members out of the 721 building and into temporary locations scattered around the City of Gainesville while the old building renovations were made. 

Preparatory gutting of the building interior began and it was determined that during one or more of the 5 different additions/renovations put onto the 721 NW 6th Street since it’s original construction in 1952, the structural integrity of the oldest southside portion of the building was compromised which made continuing the planned renovation impossible without excessive expense.

 After a year of rethinking the problem the decision was made to demolish the old building and build a new modern Police Department building. The eagerly anticipated demolition of the old building and the building of the new Department structure (relocated to the SW corner of the intersection of NW 6th Street and NW 8th Avenue (adjacent to the current Administration Building) began on 1/31/13 with an expected completion date of March 2014.

(Download the Headquarters Site Design Plans)

The construction project is overseen by Gilbane Building Company, with the demolition being performed by Cross Construction Services.  Gilbane’s Project Executive Joe Frisco said safety and being “good neighbors” will be the top priority as the project moves forward.  “Gilbane is excited about moving into the construction phase of the project” said Frisco.  “We could not have gotten this far in the project without a huge team effort from GPD, the City of Gainesville and the local community residents.” 

This demolition will utilize a “wet demolition” method to curb the amount of dirt, dust and other possible pollutants released into the atmosphere.  Additionally, in keeping with Gainesville’s recycling initiative, a large majority of the demolished material will be recycled.   Citizens in the area can expect to see and hear some increased noise and construction traffic in the area during the next few months.  GPD assures you that work crews will adhere to the hours outlined in the City’s Noise Ordinance.

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