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Internal Affairs
The Gainesville Police Department is accountable for the acts and omissions of all its employees. To that end, an obligation exists to our employees, the Department, and the citizens of our community to investigate allegations of misconduct or substandard performance.

The purpose of an internal investigation is to determine the facts as accurately as possible. Every employee shall cooperate fully in Departmental investigations.  They will provide any and all information that may be pertinent in conducting the investigation.

The Gainesville Police Department is committed to conducting fair and impartial internal investigations on behalf of both the employee and the citizens of the City of Gainesville.  The disposition of each case is based on an evaluation of the facts disclosed during the investigation.

An internal investigation can occur whenever it is alleged that an employee’s conduct or behavior violates Department policy, procedure, rule, regulation, or training procedure.

Internal Affairs Process
The objectives of an internal investigation are to:

  • Factually establish what happened.
  • Determine if Department personnel were involved in a violation of Department policy.
  • Determine whether the conduct or behavior was intentional or unintentional.
  • Determine if the conduct was the result of an action or inaction by the employee.
  • Determine the reasonableness and basis of the employee's actions and evaluate any explanation given.
  • Uncover and preserve all pertinent facts and evidence so that they may be used to determine the proper disposition of allegations against Department personnel.
  • Determine if a Department Policy failure has occurred. 
  • Internal investigations will be specifically directed and narrowly related to performance of duties within the scope of the member's employment and fitness to hold the position.
Complaint Review
The following process occurs after a complaint has been filed:

  • All formal citizen complaints are referred to the Internal Affairs Division, including those complaints made at the Equal Opportunity Department (EOD).
  • A Citizen Complaint Form is completed to initiate a formal complaint and investigation.
  • A letter acknowledging receipt of the complaint is sent to the complainant by the Internal Affairs Division. 
  • All formal complaints are received, coordinated, and processed by the Internal Affairs Division.  However, minor complaints may be assigned to the employee's supervisor for investigation.  
  • The complainant may be interviewed if necessary, either at the Police Department or at a location mutually agreed upon if desired. 
  • All investigative findings by an employee's supervisor or an IA investigator are reviewed and finalized by the Chief of Police.
  • The complainant will be notified in writing about the findings of the investigation when it is concluded.
  • All investigations are documented in a final report and requests for any copies can be made through the Records Division.

Complaints may be made at: 

Gainesville Police Department
Front Desk
545 NW 8th Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32601
(352) 393-7500


City of Gainesville Equal Opportunity Department

You may download, complete and print an Internal Affairs Citizen Complaint Form by clicking the link below.  Microsoft Word is required to view the form.

Citizen Complaint Form - docx

Citizen Complaint Form - pdf

We take allegations of employee misconduct seriously. Consequently, if the investigation reveals the complaint was made maliciously, in bad faith, or with knowledge that the accusation was false, action shall be taken, whenever possible, to prosecute the complainant for making a false report.