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Gang Intervention

The GPD Gang Intervention Unit consists of six members two of which are Intervention Specialists. Together they are a proactive community oriented enforcement and diversion team.  Although the City of Gainesville currently does not have a pervasive gang problem, there is a growing issue especially in our at-risk communities. 

Gang life is glorified throughout the media these days.  Our youth are regularly exposed and some are greatly influenced by what they are seeing and hearing.  Many members lack structure at home and seek it in the streets where gang members offer “something”.  But the life of local gang members is almost always tied to violence, drugs, broken families and inevitably incarceration.  .  The Gainesville Police Department believes it can proactively partner with other programs, the community and most importantly parents to curb the spread of gangs and steer our young citizens away from the “thug” lifestyle.  Refer to the brochure Is My Child in a Gang? for tips on recognizing and preventing gang related behavior.


  • Identify current street gang members and associate
  • Control existing youth gangs while disrupting their capacity to engage in criminal activities
  • Prevent the expansion of gang culture and gang identification among Gainesville’s young people
  • Provide gang awareness presentations as needed to community organizations, schools, and other agencies that come in contact with criminal street gang members and associates
  • Offer qualified gang members who are willing to break away from their gang affiliation opportunities and assistance

Gang Intervention Supervisor
Sergeant Mike Schentrup