Trespass Towing Complaints

The Gainesville Police Department is responsible for investigating complaints about trespass towing (roam/call-in) in the City.  Trespass towing occurs in the parking lots of many apartment complexes and businesses in the City where a contract for trespass towing agreement to tow parking violators exists between private owners and tow companies. 

Parking lots that restrict parking utilizing trespass towing are posted by the designated tow company, as required by City of Gainesville Ordinance and Florida State Statute, with signs at all entrances/exits.  Along with other information, the signs warn the public that unauthorized vehicles will be towed.  Please click on the link to review the Towing Bill of Rights for additional information. 

Complaints regarding alleged improper tows by the contracted companies can be submitted as follows:

  • Complete the Towing Complaint Form which can be obtained from the police department's front desk or by clicking on the link above.  Mail or deliver the form to:

Gainesville Police Department
Administrative Support Unit
Attn: Officer Jeff McAdams

413 NW 8th Ave
Gainesville, FL 32601

You will be contacted as soon as possible after receipt of the complaint.  It is important to note that, in general, vehicles should be claimed from the tow company within the 24 hour period of the tow to avoid additional charges.  Claiming the vehicle in no way effects the outcome of a complaint.